Two months as a BIE

Promoted to BIE on the same team I have been on since September.

Worked hard during my first four months on the team, put together a doc with my boss and got approved starting about two months ago. Since Septmeber I’ve done a lot of stuff:

A little Background

- Built out reporting on how well we are placing inventory to fulfill demand
- Built out reporting on inventory health and suggesting removal actions for overstock
- Built out reporting on inventory repositioning efforts
- Built out a daily executive summary for each warehouse sent to hundreds of folks
- Automated End To End process of inventory repositioning
- Automated End to End process of establishing inventory positions at new warehouses

A little more Background!!

- Redshift Cluster Maintenance and Query optimization of our five longest running jobs
- Working toward establishing code reviews and a central code repository
- Created new production tables for partner teams
- Made adjustments/additions to some of our most critical tables that buoy all reports
- Created query writing documentation/held a workshop for non-technical folks
- Created a data pipeline deployed using CDK to identify and track missorts at warehouses
- Wrote a query behind the finance team's P&L for delivery speed

I could keep adding bullet points, but I don’t think that would be helpful to anyone still reading.

How to improve

Looking back, I am very happy with my effort, but I want to do two things better.

ONE) I have not asked “WHY?” enough. I often get a request and my mind instantly goes into solve mode: how do I do this, how do I do this optimally, how quickly can I do this, etc… I need to clarify the ask and get a better understanding of if they EVEN need what they are asking for.

  • “Hey can you add this to the output of the model?”
  • “Why do you want that?”
  • “I’m not sure someone else just mentioned it”
  • “Ok let me know what the use case is, and I can see what I can do” _ Never hear about it again _

This helps to avoid useless work…

TWO) I’m struggling to detach from work. I just took two full weeks off; it was nice, I went to Europe, hung out with my girlfriend, saw family… but I also wanted to be working. I get way to attached to work, and I feel like my greatest source of satisfaction right now is recognition/ appeciation from people I work with.

I’ve recognized that my level of committment is 24/7 and my derivation of self-worth is much to entwined with my job. I am grateful to be passionate about what I do, and I am not saying that I want to de-commit, care less, and avoid work… I need an off button. I will work 7AM to 7PM no problem, when I’m done working I will go to the gym and think about how to solve work problems, and when I get home I will check my computer to see if any emails came in. I need to learn that throwing more effort, more concern, and more intent at a problem isn’t always the way… sometimes you need to close your copmuter at 5PM and leave it shut until the next day. I’m trying.

Forward Looking

One thing that might help with my above problem is I’m being forced into an office 3 days a week starting July 1. None of my team is in the same state is I am, but I will have to drive 30 minutes to plug my computer into a different monitor to take calls and write code.

I’ve actually been loving Reddit recently. I have started commenting in Computer Science, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, SQL, ETC… sub Reddits and its quite fun. I read about other people’s tech stacks and look into them and learn.

On learning, I’ve been deep diving DBMS internals mostly through Andy Pavlo’s CMU lectures (so good). I have been tinkering around with different AWS resoruces, GIT, read a book on SPARK, learned about a python library called Polars, and continue to just consume a ton of information on data engineering tools/topics.

I love what I do everyday, I’m having a great time learning new technologies, and I’m grateful I get to help others with my learnings. I have a loving family, a positive outlook on life, and an underlying sense of gratitude that a try and carry with me each day. Is everything peaches and roses? No. Are there bad things happening in the world? Yes. Am I the best person I can be? No. However, I AM happy to be alive, I think the world willl ultimatley trend in the right direction, and I think that I will make better decisions tomorrow than I did today… I really can’t ask for anything else

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